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Church of Biggie M announces new positions

The Church of Biggie M, referenced in a previous post, announces today that it’s Executive Committee has recommended the creation of executive positions to help the Church in its mission. These new positions are:

CTO = Chief Theology Officer (for general religious and dogma issues)
CEO = Chief Ecumenical Officer (for interaction with non believers)
CFO = Chief Faith Officer (for testing the strength of belief of members)
CIO = Chief Inquisition Officer (for punishing those of different faiths)
COO = Chief Ontology Officer (for research into proofs of the existence of anything)
CMO = Chief Mishegas Officer (for continued posting of Church positions)

Interested parties can respond to this blog with questions, resumes, suggestions for other offices, etc.

Note: after reading the Wikipedia article on the topic of corporate officers, we are also accepting suggestions for new officers and roles. Serious offers only.