Monthly Archives: July 2015

Donald Trump

Almost everything that can be said about The Donald has been.   The man is a self parody.  But remember, the good citizens of Minnesota recently made Jesse Venture, a professional wrestler, their governor.   We’re in danger of becoming a bozocracy.

One last thing: my pal ACW wondered that if Donald doesn’t like captured soldiers, how might he feel about the 58000 + who died in Vietnam.  I’m hoping he goes to the wall next Memorial Day or Veterans’  Day to opine on that.


Power Outage and Avagadro

Today we had another power outage.  This one was caused by a mowing machine hitting a power line support cable, lowering the cable so that a Metro car hit the line itself and we were powerless for 3 hours.  But I found a solution.  I went down to the basement and looked in the electron tank, only to find it empty.  So I called the electron company and had them deliver enough electrons to last us until the electricity company could restore power.  The price had gone up dramatically.  I guess it was surge pricing as well as what the market would bear.  And they did guarantee me that these would be Made in the USA electrons, not the shoddy ones that often come from off shore suppliers.  But what really shocked me was how many fewer electrons there were in each unit.  Apparently, the electron company had fiddled with Avagadro’s Number by a digit or two to the right of the decimal place.  Since Avagadro has been dead for a while, his patent or copyright had run out and anyone can make it whatever they want with no fear of legal action.   Hmm.  I do hope the tire companies don’t lower the value of pi so they need less rubber in a tire.    What’s that going to do to the ride quality?