Crying for Attention

Many of the presidential candidates are crying out for attention and doing so by making outrageous, unsubstantiated and  false claims.    This blog doesn’t get a lot of readership and we can clearly learn something from the candidates in how to get a bit more attention.  So here are some outrageous, unsubstantiated, and false claims.

  • Donald Trump is not a U.S. citizen.  He is the child of undocumented Mexican rapists who don’t pay taxes and leach of the Federal government.   We should deport him.
  • Ben Carson is a direct descendant of Joan of Arc, who like Ben, hears from the Supreme Being and uses that as direction for policy decisions.  He went to medical school in Egypt and lived in one of the grain storage areas of the pyramids, where he learned brain surgery from ancient hieroglyphics.
  • Jeb Bush is not the child of George H.W. and Barbara Bush.  Has he ever presented any DNA evidence to support any claims he may have.  He’s adopted, has always felt unwanted compared to his younger brother George W and is running for president to get attention from his adoptive parents.
  • Chris Christie still bears a grudge that his EZ-Pass was revoked because he used a phony credit card issued and then revoked by the state of New Jersey.  That’s why he shut down the bridge.   He’s scheduled for bariatric surgery in January to slim him down since the U.S. has shown a preference from slim presidents since the days of William Howard Taft.
  • John Kasich.  We have no record of any John Kasich holding political office anywhere.   Investigations have shown that he has told too few overt lies to be a plausible Republican candidate.
  • Carly Fiorina claims that “92 percent of the jobs lost during Barack Obama’s first term belonged to women.”  In fact, she was one due to her inept role as CEO of HP.  Since her salary was 92 times that of the average worker, she was purposely misquoted by the liberal media who hate her because she comes from a upper class background, being the daughter of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and Queen Victoria’s illegitimate granddaughter.
  • Ted Cruz is a transgender leftist abortionist.  ‘Nuff said.

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