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Virginia Parent Can Opt Out

of material in English classes they find offensive according to this story in the Washington Post.  Parents in the state already have the ability to remove their children from sex education classes if the material offends their religious beliefs.  I think we need to go beyond this lame measure.  Many parents find the teaching of evolution offensive to their religious beliefs and so they should have the ability to remove their children from all science classes, since you never can tell when the topic might arise.  And it was either Tennessee or Indiana that tried to pass a law setting the value of pi, the ratio of the diameter to the radius of a circle.  Apparently that pi is an irrational number irked some legislators who found it offended their religious beliefs.  So, Virginia parents should be able to pull their students from math classes.  Math is really behind all those objectionable comments about both global warming and evolution, both of which are opposed to any literal interpretation of the Bible.   Geography might need to be removed from the curriculum as well, as inconvenient truths could always pop up there.  I’m sure there are more classes we can drop, which would have the added benefit of requiring fewer teachers.  Maybe we can even get down to no teachers.   And we know what that would do to our unGodly high tax bills.