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Time for Mommy and Daddy to Clean Up the Mess or Exit from the Brexit

Today Nigel Farage of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) stepped down as chair.  Last week Boris Johnson, the Tory MP known most recently for leading the Leave campaign in Brexit vote also decided not to stand for Tory Party leader after David Cameron’s resignation.   What do these three men, or should we say children, have in common?   All three created a mess in Britain for their own emotional and political needs and have now left the mess for others to clean up.  All three came up with good excuses why they were leaving the mess for others to clean up.  Cameron is resigning because he said he could not in good faith negotiate the exit since he had campaigned hard for a Remain vote.  Boris, the British Donald Trump, said he could not provide the unity or leadership required.  What a moment of self realization!  Would that Donald Trump would come to the same conclusion.  Nigel Farage “wants my life back”.  Well Nigel, now that you have helped screw up things for the UK for years, maybe decades to come, it’s time to go back to milk and cookies and let the adults, such as may exist in UK politics, clean up the mess.    The leading candidate for Tory leader, and thus MP if the current government stands, is Theresa May, surely the most Mommy persona in UK politics at the moment.  If Michael Gove, the other main contender for Tory leader is the Daddy,  he’ll need to tart up his image a bit.

Thankfully, in the US, we have Donald Trump acting as a mature adult.  Did I just write that?