Vocabulary for the New Regime

As we begin to move into the New Regime, the Bozosphere want to acquaint you with terms you’ll need to know.   We’ll add more along the line.

Kleptocracy — a government run by thieves.Consider a leader of a country with large, undocumented assets in another country, a person obsessed with his own personal wealth and how he increased it by avoiding tax payments.   Do we really expect that person to be impartial in dealing with any country in which he has large personal business interests?

Bozocracy — government run by clowns.  And not clowns in the good sense of those at rodeos who prevent horses and bulls from trampling on cowboys.  Clowns in the sense of people appointed to cabinet positions with no knowledge or understanding of the departments they are to administer.

McCarthysim — a practice of targeting individuals due to their political or social beliefs that differ from those in power.  Consider an incoming regime that denies climate change, calling it a Chinese plot, asking the Energy Department for the names of its employees who have expressed views on the topic of climate change or gone to conferences on the subject.    This bears a similarity to the Enemies List.   Here’s the latest New Regime interest in the State Department terrorism unit.

Political Correctness — a term to describe the views that the New Regime finds offensive.  It’s only “them” that get accused of PC, never “us”.

War on Christmas — the New Regime thinks it’s PC to say “Happy Holidays” rather than “Merry Christmas” and is an affront given that this is a Christian country who founding fathers were Christians.  Of course, there is some dispute about this.  And while the numbers are not final, it seems that Christmas shopping is up this year.

Fake News — the New Regime often refers to uncomplimentary reports in the media as Fake News.  To the New Regime, this is similar Political Correctness.  In the internet world, creating fake news stories is easy to do.   In the New Regime’s Post Truth world view its fake news is OK.

Get On With Our Lives — This is something the New Regime urges us to do in response to any comments that reflect negatively on the Regime.  Of course, the New Regime was more than happy to forget this principle when applied to Hillary Clinton.  Speaking of which, whatever happened to that parking ticket she got in Little Rock in 1983 and never paid?  Doesn’t that require an investigation?

Overrated — Celebs who disagree with the New Regime or dare to criticize it are often demeaned by this term.  Recently the New Regime used to to describe Meryl Streep, arguably the finest screen actress of our time.

Stupid — People who disagree with the political agenda of the New Regime.  Those include people taking a more thoughtful approach to relations with Russia.

Witch Hunt — Investigative reporting on colleagues, events, policies of the New Regime that it does not find favorable.  The New Regime does not apply this term to its call for investigation of Hillary Clinton’s email, the Benghazi affair, or the Birther Conspiracy.

Alternative Facts — Notions that the New Regime would have us believe.   Some maintain that the phrase is a synonym for lies.   These have nothing to do with facts as normally defined.

Truth — Not a recognizable concept in the New Regime.  If it exists at all, it’s for losers.

Disgusting — applied to anyone the leader of the New Regime does not like, is critical of the leader  or by  whom the leader feels  threatened.  That’s a lot of folks.

Muslims — In the spirit of the “Orange is the new Black” meme.  Muslims are the new

So Political — when the New Regime is criticized, it is “so political”.  For example, the court system and the so called judge, like the media are all haters of the regime.  Of course, when the media agrees with the New Regime, it’s not the least political, but true facts.

Evidence – Evidence? We ain’t got no evidence. We don’t need no evidence. I don’t have to show you any stinking evidence.

Proof — The measure of amount of alcohol in spirits.  What else could it possibly mean?   If you think it has anything to do with evidence for the truth of claims, see above for the definitions of truth and evidence, both fake news made up by our Kenyan ex-President.



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