Why Stop at Transgender Bathroom Restrictions?

The Texas Legislature has passed a bill restricting the use of bathroom in schools to  those of the student’s “biological sex”, presumably the one that appears on the student’s birth certificate.    If this bill become law, the Legislature, in its infinite wisdom might consider some generalization of this law.

  • Legislators could only register and caucus with the equivalent of their biological origin.  That is, if their parents were registered Democrats, the legislators could only caucus with Democrats.  There would be none of this “party with which I identify” nonsense.
  • No one could legally purchase sports gear with logos of the various Texas professional and university teams if they grew up supporting teams from other states.  This is especially true for those who previously supported the University of Oklahoma football team.
  • No one could legally vote in Texas elections if they had previously voted in other states, particularly the state of their origin as appears on the birth certificate.   No doubt, this is the source of the Yuge Voter Fraud that many members of the GOP claim.   We hope politicians making this claim have not switched to a party not of their origin.

On a related note, I got a call recently asking for the “man of the house”.  I asked the caller if he meant “man”  as appeared on our birth certificates or as we self identified.  He was taken aback, so I repeated the question.  He volunteered to take our number from the call list.


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