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Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Donald, the Wall

Hurricane Harvey is a tragedy for those in its path.  I am not making light of it.  However, there may be some small amount of good that can come from it.  Our president, Hurricane Donald has said he will veto and new budget initiatives that don’t include the Wall.  Here’s an idea.  Let’s spend the money for the Donald’s version of the wall on a set of walls and other such structures to protect low areas of the Gulf Coast from future weather disasters like this.   Not that climate change has anything to do with this.    That way,   Hurricane Donald gets his wall, we don’t have to shutdown the Federal government, and we get some measure of relief from future storms.   We can leave for later a plan to have Mexico to pay for it.

OK, this is not realistic.  Here are some other plans for getting  other to provide the cash to pay for Donald’s wall.

  • Grenada.  Invade like we did in 1983.  Conquer them and make them pay tribute and reparations.   That ought to get some portion of the wall built.
  • China.  Didn’t they build a wall a while ago which is still standing?  Since they steal all our intellectual property and engage in currency manipulation and steal American jobs, they should pay for the wall.
  • The Dominican Republic.  They’ve been stealing baseball jobs from Americans for at least 4 decades now.
  • Haiti.  It’s by far the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.  We know the Donald likes to steal from the poor to help  rich people afford the yearly fees at his exclusive golf clubs.
  • North Korea.   Do I really have to tell you why?
  • Satoshi Nakmoto.  He invented bitcoin, owns a lot of them, and can create some more to help pay for the wall.
  • Keyser Soze.  The baddest mofo that ever lived.  He’s reported to have lots of cash and is likely to be a Trump kind of guy


  • Satoshi Nakamoto