Mantras for the New Year

OK, it’s been a tough year for many of us and for widely different reasons.  And we’re gloomy and grumpy.  So let’s have a few mottos, mantras, tag lines, mission statements, ethical principles to help lift our spirits for the New Year.

In the spirit of stealing good ideas from others, not to be mistaken for plagiarism or cultural appropriation, let’s start with some oldies from George Orwell’s 1984.

  • War is peace. –  Didn’t our leader just same something vaguely similar.
  • Freedom is slavery.  – Didn’t a candidate for Senate say something vaguely similar.
  • Ignorance is strength. – Doesn’t Breitbart subscribe to this?

And working from this

  • Lies are truth. – A well-known technique, recently placed into use by the GOP
  • Truth is irrelevant. — Much like the above.

Inspired by some of our leaders

  • Party before county. — If I recall correctly, it used to be otherwise.
  • Self before country.  — That includes staying in my hotel if you want access
  • Hypocrisy before ethics. — If you have to ask, you should be following the news a bit more closely.
  • Blame it on the YLFEGs.  — YLFEG is an acronym for “your least favorite ethnic group”.  Good news.  You get to choose.
  • I want more.  Actually a line spoken by Edward G. Robinson in Key Largo.  Here’s the good news for our representatives about to vote on the Tax Reform.  Did you say “reform”?  You must be kidding.  But I digress.  The major contributors to the GOP will be getting lots more in the tax bill.  So will those at the bottom, but they’ll be getting less and of course, “Less is more”, especially if you already have less, more or less.

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