Why Stop at Transgender Bathroom Restrictions?

The Texas Legislature has passed a bill restricting the use of bathroom in schools to  those of the student’s “biological sex”, presumably the one that appears on the student’s birth certificate.    If this bill become law, the Legislature, in its infinite wisdom might consider some generalization of this law.

  • Legislators could only register and caucus with the equivalent of their biological origin.  That is, if their parents were registered Democrats, the legislators could only caucus with Democrats.  There would be none of this “party with which I identify” nonsense.
  • No one could legally purchase sports gear with logos of the various Texas professional and university teams if they grew up supporting teams from other states.  This is especially true for those who previously supported the University of Oklahoma football team.
  • No one could legally vote in Texas elections if they had previously voted in other states, particularly the state of their origin as appears on the birth certificate.   No doubt, this is the source of the Yuge Voter Fraud that many members of the GOP claim.   We hope politicians making this claim have not switched to a party not of their origin.

On a related note, I got a call recently asking for the “man of the house”.  I asked the caller if he meant “man”  as appeared on our birth certificates or as we self identified.  He was taken aback, so I repeated the question.  He volunteered to take our number from the call list.


Urban Transit, Race, and Class in D.C.

This morning I took a bus from my mostly white upper middle class suburb of Washington DC to the Metro station.   The bus originates in a working class suburb to the north of my town.  When I got on around 7am, the bus was fairly crowded, a standing room only affair.  What might come as a surprise is that I was the only white, non-Hispanic male on the bus.  There were a few African-American males, more Hispanic males, a few more African-American women, but mostly Hispanic women.  Given the origin of the bus, this is not surprising.  A few white women got on the bus on our trip to the Metro station,  but when the bus reached its destination, I was still the only white male on the bus.  The bus passes through a wealthy almost purely white suburb between my house and the Metro station.  A few people got off, but almost no one got on.

When I got on the Metro, it was if I had landed on another planet.  The riders were almost exclusively white males.  Many were wearing suits and ties.  No one on the bus was.   The ethnic makeup of the ridership on the Metro did not change on my trip to downtown DC.

The people on the bus, like those on the Metro all seemed to be going to work.  But the bus riders were dressed for more manual work than the Metro riders.  Again, this is not a shocker.

When they tell you that we need to deport the illegals and “all those people are on welfare”,  please know that it’s a load of crap.   Those people are the ones who work for low wages in the hospitality industry, clean our homes and offices, harvest and process the food on our tables, and take the bus to work.


The Auction Approach to Airline Overbooking

Why do the airlines overbook?  Because people don’t show up!  Why don’t they show up?  Frequently, they have traffic or similar problems and get to the gate after the plane doors are closed.     Don’t the airlines make money from empty seats?  Not if they accommodate the passengers who were stuck in traffic on a later flight.

A few years ago I was in Amsterdam and went on a tour of the wholesale flower market near Schiphol airport.  Flowers are purchased by the Dutch auction mechanism.  Each lot of flowers is initially offered at a relatively high price and the auctioneer lowers the price until a buyer bids for it.   The first person to bid purchases the lot.

Could the airlines do a similar auction when overbooked?    They could start with a low price and keep raising it until someone agreed to leave their seat for the offered reward. In the flower auction, the goal of the buyer is get the lot for the lowest price.  But buyers who wait too long for the price to drop wind up with no flowers.    In the airline version, the passenger’s goal is to get the highest price for giving up the seat.   Like the Dutch auction, those who wait too long will find the seat is already sold before they act.

In the flower auction, there is one seller and many buyers.  In the seat auction there is one buyer and many sellers.   But in each case, the many must decide what value they put on the object on sale.

If any readers know the executive leadership at major airlines, please feel free to pass this along.

Vocabulary for the New Regime

As we begin to move into the New Regime, the Bozosphere want to acquaint you with terms you’ll need to know.   We’ll add more along the line.

Kleptocracy — a government run by thieves.Consider a leader of a country with large, undocumented assets in another country, a person obsessed with his own personal wealth and how he increased it by avoiding tax payments.   Do we really expect that person to be impartial in dealing with any country in which he has large personal business interests?

Bozocracy — government run by clowns.  And not clowns in the good sense of those at rodeos who prevent horses and bulls from trampling on cowboys.  Clowns in the sense of people appointed to cabinet positions with no knowledge or understanding of the departments they are to administer.

McCarthysim — a practice of targeting individuals due to their political or social beliefs that differ from those in power.  Consider an incoming regime that denies climate change, calling it a Chinese plot, asking the Energy Department for the names of its employees who have expressed views on the topic of climate change or gone to conferences on the subject.    This bears a similarity to the Enemies List.   Here’s the latest New Regime interest in the State Department terrorism unit.

Political Correctness — a term to describe the views that the New Regime finds offensive.  It’s only “them” that get accused of PC, never “us”.

War on Christmas — the New Regime thinks it’s PC to say “Happy Holidays” rather than “Merry Christmas” and is an affront given that this is a Christian country who founding fathers were Christians.  Of course, there is some dispute about this.  And while the numbers are not final, it seems that Christmas shopping is up this year.

Fake News — the New Regime often refers to uncomplimentary reports in the media as Fake News.  To the New Regime, this is similar Political Correctness.  In the internet world, creating fake news stories is easy to do.   In the New Regime’s Post Truth world view its fake news is OK.

Get On With Our Lives — This is something the New Regime urges us to do in response to any comments that reflect negatively on the Regime.  Of course, the New Regime was more than happy to forget this principle when applied to Hillary Clinton.  Speaking of which, whatever happened to that parking ticket she got in Little Rock in 1983 and never paid?  Doesn’t that require an investigation?

Overrated — Celebs who disagree with the New Regime or dare to criticize it are often demeaned by this term.  Recently the New Regime used to to describe Meryl Streep, arguably the finest screen actress of our time.

Stupid — People who disagree with the political agenda of the New Regime.  Those include people taking a more thoughtful approach to relations with Russia.

Witch Hunt — Investigative reporting on colleagues, events, policies of the New Regime that it does not find favorable.  The New Regime does not apply this term to its call for investigation of Hillary Clinton’s email, the Benghazi affair, or the Birther Conspiracy.

Alternative Facts — Notions that the New Regime would have us believe.   Some maintain that the phrase is a synonym for lies.   These have nothing to do with facts as normally defined.

Truth — Not a recognizable concept in the New Regime.  If it exists at all, it’s for losers.

Disgusting — applied to anyone the leader of the New Regime does not like, is critical of the leader  or by  whom the leader feels  threatened.  That’s a lot of folks.

Muslims — In the spirit of the “Orange is the new Black” meme.  Muslims are the new

So Political — when the New Regime is criticized, it is “so political”.  For example, the court system and the so called judge, like the media are all haters of the regime.  Of course, when the media agrees with the New Regime, it’s not the least political, but true facts.

Evidence – Evidence? We ain’t got no evidence. We don’t need no evidence. I don’t have to show you any stinking evidence.

Proof — The measure of amount of alcohol in spirits.  What else could it possibly mean?   If you think it has anything to do with evidence for the truth of claims, see above for the definitions of truth and evidence, both fake news made up by our Kenyan ex-President.


Time for Mommy and Daddy to Clean Up the Mess or Exit from the Brexit

Today Nigel Farage of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) stepped down as chair.  Last week Boris Johnson, the Tory MP known most recently for leading the Leave campaign in Brexit vote also decided not to stand for Tory Party leader after David Cameron’s resignation.   What do these three men, or should we say children, have in common?   All three created a mess in Britain for their own emotional and political needs and have now left the mess for others to clean up.  All three came up with good excuses why they were leaving the mess for others to clean up.  Cameron is resigning because he said he could not in good faith negotiate the exit since he had campaigned hard for a Remain vote.  Boris, the British Donald Trump, said he could not provide the unity or leadership required.  What a moment of self realization!  Would that Donald Trump would come to the same conclusion.  Nigel Farage “wants my life back”.  Well Nigel, now that you have helped screw up things for the UK for years, maybe decades to come, it’s time to go back to milk and cookies and let the adults, such as may exist in UK politics, clean up the mess.    The leading candidate for Tory leader, and thus MP if the current government stands, is Theresa May, surely the most Mommy persona in UK politics at the moment.  If Michael Gove, the other main contender for Tory leader is the Daddy,  he’ll need to tart up his image a bit.

Thankfully, in the US, we have Donald Trump acting as a mature adult.  Did I just write that?

The Dreadlocks Affair

An incident was widely report in the press in which a black female student at San Francisco State University approached a white male student at the university and told him he shouldn’t be wearing dreadlocks because he was appropriating her culture.

If we follow this line of reasoning out a bit, here are some other things we need to put a halt to:

  • White people should not sing the blues in a public setting.  It may be okay to do this in the privacy of one’s own home.
  • White people should not play or listen to jazz.  We all know the origin of jazz.
  • Black people should not play basketball.  It was invented by a white guy in Springfield MA years before any black people played it.
  • The Japanese should dissolve their baseball leagues.  It’s an American game.
  • Not many American play Go, but those who do — and this includes the computer that just beat the world champion — should stop immediately.  Maybe they should play chess instead.   Oops, that won’t do.  Chess is thought to be of Indian origin and then spread to Persia about 1500 years ago.
  • And we don’t want to see any of you WASPs eating bagels.  You know why.
  • In the last international rugby there were teams from Georgia (the country, not the state), Fiji, Romania, France, Argentina, Japan, etc.  C’mon gang.  This is an English game.  It might be OK for the Welsh to play, and maybe even the Canadians, many of whom are of English ancestry, but not all these other countries appropriating an English game.

There must be many other such cultural appropriations.  Please share what’s been appropriated from your culture.    Adios for now.  Oops, can’t say that!

Virginia Parent Can Opt Out

of material in English classes they find offensive according to this story in the Washington Post.  Parents in the state already have the ability to remove their children from sex education classes if the material offends their religious beliefs.  I think we need to go beyond this lame measure.  Many parents find the teaching of evolution offensive to their religious beliefs and so they should have the ability to remove their children from all science classes, since you never can tell when the topic might arise.  And it was either Tennessee or Indiana that tried to pass a law setting the value of pi, the ratio of the diameter to the radius of a circle.  Apparently that pi is an irrational number irked some legislators who found it offended their religious beliefs.  So, Virginia parents should be able to pull their students from math classes.  Math is really behind all those objectionable comments about both global warming and evolution, both of which are opposed to any literal interpretation of the Bible.   Geography might need to be removed from the curriculum as well, as inconvenient truths could always pop up there.  I’m sure there are more classes we can drop, which would have the added benefit of requiring fewer teachers.  Maybe we can even get down to no teachers.   And we know what that would do to our unGodly high tax bills.